About Tax Monkey

Our team started Tax Monkey in 2021 because we wanted to develop something from scratch – something that we can call ours. We chose taxes because, as made up as it may sound, taxes are an exciting area of ​​law in their own way.

Paying taxes is one of the main obligations that each of us has as a citizen and part of a society. Taxes are what we give to society in return of the right to take advantage of its achievements. Law, like most human creations, is not perfect, and this is very true for taxation regulations. The imperfections of the law and its application are balanced by what we are used to calling justice. It is a basic principle and a driving force in our lives, so its pursuit is the cornerstone of Tax Monkey.

Nikola Penchev


The Tax Monkey team is still small, but we find this rather an advantage. Each of us has been practicing professionally in one way or another as a lawyer for years. During our practice we have gained enough experience and self-confidence to be able to work independently in the field of tax law.

Nikola Penchev

Nikola has been a lawyer since 2018. Until January, 2021 he was part of the team of Advokatami.bg, in which he was responsible for customer service. In addition to taxes, he works with intellectual property and on issues related to the application of law on the Internet. In 2019 he published a book – “Legal security for start-ups” (currently only available in Bulgaria).

Works with English. His strength is the legal research and advice for clients of Tax Monkey.

Veselka Velikova

Veselka’s main area of expertise is administrative law and administrative court proceedings. She also specializes in corporate taxes.

She contributes to Tax Monkey as consultant and author of publications.